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IRAQ IN OTTOMAN TIME (العراق في العهد العثماني) Iraq History (Ottoman Empire)

Uploaded on Nov 8, 2011

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Iraq, the Cradle Of Civilization - Documentary

Published on Feb 8, 2014

 After thousands of years as a hunter/gatherer, man built the first cities 5,000 years ago on the banks of the Euphrates in Southern Iraq. Civilization began. City life transformed the human race with the glorious cultures of Mesopotamia such as Ur, and Babylon.

تنصيب الملك فيصل الثاني (ملك العراق) العرش 1953

زيارة الملك فيصل الثاني لكلية بغداد سنة 1958

The story of Baghdad College قصة كلية بغداد

Published on Mar 13, 2014

The story of Baghdad College high school, Iraq or of the American Jesuits in Baghdad 1932-1969
قصة ثانوية كلية بغداد، العراق او الآباء اليسوعيين الأمريكان في بغداد ١٩٣٢-١٩٦٩
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رؤساء وزراء العراق 1920- 2011

Islamic Golden Age - Science and Philosophy in Baghdad


نوري باشا السعيد

Uploaded on Apr 16, 2009

دعوة الى قراءة هذا الكتاب لما تحمله طيات صفحاته من احداث تأريخية مهمة يجهلها الكثير بسبب التعتيم الاعلامي او بالاحرى الكذب الاعلامي التي قامت به الانظمة العربية الدكتاتورية لاكثر من خمسين عام مضت 

History of Baghdad تاريخ بغداد

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2009

In about 762 A.D., the Abbasid dynasty took over rule of the vast Muslim world and moved the capital to the newly-founded city of Baghdad. Over the next five centuries, the city would become the world's center of education and culture. This period of glory has become known as the "Golden Age" of Islamic civilization,


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Iraq Museum المتحف العراقي by M A G م ع ك








Maliki and terrorism

المالكي يتستر على المجرمين من كلامه ندينه




Censored Images of War

Uploaded on Aug 2, 2007

What US citizens should not see






A bulldozer buries in a mass grave, the bodies of dead Iraqi soldiers

A US Military graves detail with a bulldozer buries in a mass grave, the bodies of dead Iraqi soldiers killed along the Mile of Death, on the road between Kuwait City and Basra, north of Kuwait City. Many of the Iraqi soldiers were killed along this stretch of highway on the 25th and 26th of February. Few images of this scene have ever been seen.


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US vs Iraq - Another 'Highway Of Death' Slaughter

By William A. Cook

"The US armed forces bombed one end of the main highway from Kuwait city to Basra, sealing it off. They bombed the other end of the highway and sealed it off. They positioned mechanized artillery units on the hills overlooking it. And then, from the air and from the land they simply massacred every living thing on the road. Fighter bombers, helicopter gunships, and armored battalions poured merciless firepower on traffic jams backed up for as much as twenty miles. When the traffic became grid locked, the B-52s were sent in for carpet bombing." Our forces did not wait for the fleeing people to surrender, they did not surround them and force them to surrender, they just exterminated them. Americans never heard about the "Highway of Death," they just paid for it, a slaughter that, in Barnes' words "ranks among the great atrocities of modern warfare."