Old Baghdad _بغداد قديماً

Published on Apr 5, 2013

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اللقطات من فيلم الجابي, حيث يعتبر اول فيلم ينتجه القطاع العام وبدأ العمل فيه عام 1966 وعرض في 15 / 1 / 1968

When Baghdad Was Beautiful

Published on May 27, 2012

A Journey Through Jewish Baghdad, 1912-1941http://www.memoriesofeden.com
Imagine a world with no running water or electricity, scorching heat and the constant fear of cholera.Imagine a warren of alleys no wider than a cart. Cows are being milked on doorsteps, street barbers are giving shaves, pulling teeth and lancing boils. Barefoot water-sellers are bent double under their heavy goatskins.It is 1912 and we are in old Baghdad. To us it sounds like hell. Yet Violette Shamash, born into an affluent family, adored its positive side: sleeping under the stars, hearing the call of the nightingale, smelling scents of gardenias and spices, riding to school on donkey-back.For her it was a kind of Eden.Violette was a privileged witness to a time when nearly 40% of Baghdad was Jewish and Jews, Moslems and Christians embraced each other's differences. Her insights into domestic life, and a society coming to terms with the 20th century, are candid, entertaining, and often very amusing. However, in 1941, disaster struck the oldest community in the Diaspora. A brutal massacre took place over two days of rioting and sounded the death-knell for the Jews of Babylon.This slideshow contains images from Violette's book, MEMORIES OF EDEN, which not only provides a unique insight into the culture and customs of the Jews of Iraq but also shows everyday life as experienced by everyone at a time when Baghdadis lived together side by side, in mutual respect, irrespective of religion. William Shawcross has called it "an astonishing record, telling the story of a cultivated and well integrated Jewish community in the heart of Muslim Arabia during the end of the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate. A superb account of a long forgotten time which is barely imaginable now." Further reviews and comments from academics and literary critics can be seen on our website. We would very much welcome your views and opinions via our blog: http://memoriesofeden.wordpress.comThe book is available from Amazon:http://tinyurl.com/2sadll

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A trip of 10 min to Iraq in the seventies. العراق في السبعينات

Published on Sep 29, 2013

A trip of 10 min to Iraq in the seventies.
العراق في السبعينات

The great city of Baghdad.wmv


Baghdad Province - IRAQ بغداد عاصمة الرشيد ومدينة السلام

Published on Jul 30, 2012

The ancient city of Baghdad and the largest city and capital of Iraq... This movie showcases the beauty of this magnificent, vibrant, awesome and stunning metropolis inhabited by more than 9 million Iraqis... The slide images featured in this movie will show you a glimpse of life in this world center and beacon of mankind's history, heritage and culture throughout the ages and its many contributions to Arabic, Islamic and other world cultural advancements since the time and rise of the early Mesopotamian civilizations established in Iraq more than 6000 years ago ... 


The Ottoman Iraq العراق العثماني

Published on Nov 14, 2013

Iraq 100 years ago as reported by the National Geographic Magazine
العراق قبل ١٠٠ عام كما ورد في المجلة الجغرافية الوطنية


Can Baghdad be beautiful again?


(CNN) -- Think of Baghdad and for most people what comes to mind is a city of damaged buildings and  concrete checkpoints.

This is what Caecilia Pieri expected the first time she visited the Iraqi capital just months after the American-led invasion in 2003.




Iraq in 1950s


Baghdad Rare Photographs - University of Baghdad


Beautiful Baghdad. - SkyscraperCity

recent photos of Baghdad City, enjoy image hosted on .... Evening veiw of Euphrates river in Baghdad, Iraq. by wblyons, on Flickr image hosted ...camera

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Photos from the city of Baghdad - tareq

Firdous mosqueArmenian church inBaghdadSynagogue of the jews in BaghdadMendy Sabian cleric in Baghdadmamoon communications tower ...camera

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Baghdad Rare Photographs - University of Baghdad

Baghdad Rare Photographs. Chalghi Baghdadi band in 1932 The Iraqi Maqam the posterior line from right to left1-Ismail Iyada Al-Qaisy 2- Rashid ElQundarchicamera

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بغداد القديمه | Old Baghdad

Published on Mar 6, 2013

صور لبغداد الفديمه ارجو ان تنال رضاكم
الانسانه العراقيه


Pictures of Baghdad-___- MonTada IraqI TV

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British Troops in Baghdad: 1917 - 1920 -Iraq

Uploaded on Feb 23, 2009

It is the last phase of The Great Game. The Anglo-Russian Alliance has been signed, and British colonialists assert their control over Afghanistan with a heavy military presence.


Baghdad City - مدينة بغداد

Published on Apr 27, 2013 pictures from baghdad city - صور من مدينة بغداد


Published on Sep 18, 2012